VisitBolga’s current services

VisitBolga started as a passion but is now turning into a professional business entity with the capability of reducing unemployment in Ghana.

VisitBolga’s mission and vision are directed towards the travel, tourism, and entertainment industries.

For social media platforms, our TikTok account is on the road to 10,000 followers. We are grateful for the support from our cherished followers and clients.

In addition to our other social handles like Facebook, Twitter (now X), Instagram, and YouTube, we are growing at a pace we never imagined.

Less than a year of start-up, and fully registered under the Ghana Registrar General Department as a business three months ago.

It is our hope that we will bring you well-curated services that will impact society and the next generation.

However, at VisitBolga, our door is opened for business partnerships, advertisement placements, media coverage, and engaging articles or videos for hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

At VisitBolga, we also have subsidiary departments that offer drone services, community tourism, content creation, event coverage, music blogging, documentary, and potential tourist attraction exposure.

We say thank you once again for the unwavering support. Don’t forget to recommend us to your friends and family.

Our Official Services:

  1. Event coverage 
  2. Drone services
  3. Advertisement placements 
  4. Engaging articles and videos for hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and tourist attractions.
  5. Documentary 
  6. Music blogging
  7. Personal blogger assistance 
  8. Freelancing 
  9. Content creation 
  10. Photography 
  11. Videography
  12. Fact-checking
  13. Media coverage

VisitBolga is the ultimate destination for all things travel, tourism, and entertainment.

You can follow us on:

Facebook: VisitBolga 

Instagram: VisitBolga 

TikTok: VisitBolga 

Twitter (now X): VisitBolga 

YouTube: Visit Bolga TV. 

Contact us

Mobile: 0557801440

Email: [email protected]

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