Untapped tourist attraction in the Upper East region of Ghana

Vea, a community in Bongo that shares boundaries with Bolgatanga, has one of the most untapped tourist attractions in the Upper East region of Ghana.

The Vea Dam was constructed in 1965 to boost dry-season farming activity in the region. The dam also serves portable water to neighboring communities through the Ghana Water Treatment System installed near Gowrie SHS.

As of 2024, the dam supplies water to over 1000 farmers in nine communities, including Vea, Bongo-Nyariga, Yorogo, Dindubisi, Bolgatanga, Zaare, Yikene, Gowrie, and Sumbrungu.

Built for irrigation purposes, the dam has also become a haven for local and foreign tourists seeking peace, tranquility, and outdoor adventure.

As tourism continues to grow in Ghana’s Upper East Region, Vea Dam stands out as a destination with immense potential. With the addition of jet ski boat riding, kayaking, and the exploration of other untapped attractions, it has the opportunity to become a must-visit destination for travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences. 

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