Top 10 facts about Bolgatanga, Upper East region of Ghana

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VisitBolga explored the facts of Bolgatanga, and we are glad to share these facts with you.

However, Bolgatanga is a vibrant town and the regional capital of the Upper East region of Ghana. There are several facts about Bolgatanga, but these ones make the town stand tall.

Top 10 facts about Bolgatanga, Upper East Region

1. Bolgatanga is the regional capital of the Upper East Region of Ghana 🇬🇭.

2. The town was founded by the Gurunsi people, and they are predominantly Christians as of 2024. The language spoken by Gurunsi people is called Gurene (popularly preferred as frafra).

3. The regional capital can boast of one public university, namely, Bolgatanga Technical University. There are other tertiary institutions in the town as well.

4. Bolga has no airport, but a proposed site has been demarcated for construction.

5. A journey from Accra to Bolgatanga by road is about 12–13 hours, but less than 3 hours if you use the Tamale Airport and then drive to Bolga.

6. The town can boast of an ultramodern regional hospital, which serves as a referral center for all cases in the region.

7. Your tour in Bolgatanga can never be complete without paying a visit to Rock Gardens Eco-Village, Bolga Market, and the Upper East Regional Museum.

8. There are a number of restaurants, resorts, gym centers, and 3- to 4-star hotels in Bolga for your exercise, comfort, and relaxation.

9. The tallest building is the NCA Tower, located near the regional hospital.

10. The Fountain Gate Chapel (Desert pastures) is the most famous religious building in Bolgatanga.

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