Sarah Teni Influence in Ghana

Sarah Teni

On my way to Bolga from Tema months ago, when I got to Pwalugu, something prompted me to tune in to the radio.

The first radio signal was Dreamz 101.9 FM and then I heard Nicholas Azebire and Teni Sarah Babohima presenting the early morning news. How she pronounced her surname made me smile.

I quickly jetted off to Google to check the meaning. Anyway, if you want to know her surname, go and follow her on all social handles; you might know the definition, but for now, let me wait until she tells me the meaning.

Anyway, let me continue my free education. A Google search showed some articles about her. Most posts were about charity work, girls’ education, women in media, and awards.

An article written by a bad friend of mine, Let me keep his name for now because he owns me, “Kuli Kuli (Upper East region’s Best Snacks),” highlighted that Sarah Teni is also into philanthropy aside from her profession as a journalist.

She has donated several items, including pens, books, rulers, math sets, sanitizers, and sanitary pads. I was like, Well done, Madam Sarah Teni, for the sanitary items, before someone goes to the National Televisions to say, “Girls in the Northern Sector use clay as sanitary pads.”

I jokily said, “I need to witness her philanthropic goals.” Months later, I joined the Atogfai Tourist Club trip to Tongo to hike on their tallest hills. After the expedition, I heard that Sarah Teni had provided Jollof. I mean, Jollof. The food that is giving Ghana and Nigeria global attention.

I couldn’t miss it, so I zoomed my pack to the back of the bus. Oh my God, the jollof was palatable.

You let me end here before Mark Zuckerberg; visits Bolga to look for me for taking up much space.

If you are a stakeholder, don’t hesitate to support the Sarah Teni course. She is doing amazing stuff in the region. She has donated to over 10 schools in the northern sector.

Yours Bolgabia,

Dennis Apusika

Eeeii, I thought I was writing a letter.

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