Noel Quinn Net Worth 2024: How Much Is the Former CEO of HSBC Worth?

Noel Quinn net worth

In this piece, written in 2024, we delve in the wealth world of the former CEO of HSBC. Many have been asking what is the net worth of Noel Quinn?

Noel Quinn net worth as of 2024, but first who is he? Noel Quinn is a British banking businessman who has been the chief executive (CEO) of HSBC since March 2020, having succeeded John Flint. He initially assumed the role on an interim basis in August 2019 until stepping down in 2024.

Noel Paul Quinn was born on 13 January 1962, and was educated at Birmingham Polytechnic. He then trained as a chartered accountant with Grant Thornton. Before becoming Group Chief Executive, Quinn was chief executive of HSBC’s Global Commercial Banking division from December 2015.

He became a group managing director in September 2016. From 2011 to 2015 Quinn was Regional Head of Commercial Banking for Asia-Pacific, based in Hong Kong.

Quinn joined Forward Trust Group, a subsidiary of Midland Bank, in 1987. Midland Bank was acquired by HSBC in 1992. He led HSBC’s acquisitions of Swan National Motor Finance and Eversholt Leasing Ltd, becoming general manager of each business in turn.

He has since served as Head of Specialised and Equity Finance at HSBC, Group Director of Strategy & Development at HSBC Insurance Services North America, Head of Commercial Finance Europe, and Head of Commercial Banking UK (2008-2011).

Noel Quinn net worth

Noel Quinn net worth

Noel Quinn who is the former CEO of HSBC has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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