My wife cheated with a co-worker when I was on sick leave

my wife

Hi, VisitBolga, can you share this story on your platform? I and my wife are 33 years old; we worked at the same place. We were building a life in a tiny cabin on top of a mountain.

We had been together for 6 years, married for 2 years, and she had taken my name. We were fixing up this place, trying for a child for a long time with no success. Except it finally happened this summer, and I was living in the clouds of happiness and love.

But then, a random girl who was 19 years old messaged me, telling me that she suspected my wife had an affair with her boyfriend, who was also 19 years old and worked summers at our job. I confronted my wife about it, and she confessed everything.

When I was on sick leave for stress, she tried to have a child with me while simultaneously having an emotional affair (her words) with this guy.

This was two months ago. I broke inside, and I ended up in the psych ward. She ended up having an abortion. How could this be true? But it was.

I am now free to live my life on this tiny farm by myself. And while I understand that a continued relationship with her would be bad, my heart wishes for nothing else than for her to come home and cry with regret so I could forgive her. This will never happen, but I wish it could. I cry for her every day, sometimes until I vomit.

I blame myself and search for what in the world I did wrong. She does seem to regret hurting me, but not necessarily the cheating.

Do you have any advice for me on how to recover? I have so much love in me, but it’s only hurting me. I wish that I could end myself, but I don’t dare to end this torture of existence.

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