Meet Stephen A. Abane, the nurse changing the face of healthcare in Talensi District, Ghana

Stephen A. Abane is a Ghanaian nurse and health advocate currently serving as the charge nurse of the Newborn Care Unit at Talensi District Hospital in the Upper East region of Ghana.

Abane is a dedicated nurse with over a decade of experience serving rural communities. 

He is responsible for planning and implementing patient care, mentoring staff, and leading awareness-creation activities. His initiatives have significantly improved the quality of care and reduced the neonatal mortality rate in the district.

He is an alumnus of Gowrie Senior High/Technical School in the Upper East region of Ghana. Stephen Abane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, specializing in Pediatrics, from the University of Ghana and a diploma from the Bolga Nursing Training College. 

Passionate about community service and health advocacy, particularly in maternal and child health, Abane is driven by a self-motivated commitment to making a difference. 

He co-founded Impact Mission, an organization focused on combating viral hepatitis, and established a voluntary radio health talk show, “The Consulting Room,” both of which have had a positive impact on society.

Stephen’s dedication to improving healthcare extends beyond his professional duties. His journey reflects his unwavering commitment to improving health outcomes in his community.

In 2024, Stephen Abane was among the selected applicants who applied for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, an program designed to build skills and empower Fellows to lead in their respective sectors and communities.

He hopes to leverage the knowledge and networking opportunities provided by the Mandela Washington Fellowship to enhance newborn care practices further.

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