John Hewson Bio, Parents, Wife, Children, Siblings, Net Worth

John Hewson Bio

John Hewson Bio, Parents, Wife, Children, Siblings, Net Worth: John Hewson, also known as John Robert Hewson, and commonly known as John Hewson is an an Australian former politician.

He grew a passion for politics at a younger age and has been consistent throughout his career, becoming one of the most sought-after politicians in Australia.

As of this writing (Sunday, December 24, 2023), Hewson has continued to be a public expert in business and political commentary. He resigned his Liberal Party membership in 2019, having been a critic of its policy direction for a number of years, particularly on climate change.

He served as leader of the Liberal Party from 1990 to 1994. He led the Liberal-National Coalition to defeat at the 1993 Australian federal election.

Hewson was born in Sydney, New South Wales, and earned a PhD in Economics from Johns Hopkins University. He has also attained degrees from the University of Sydney and the University of Regina. Before entering politics, Hewson worked as an economist for the Reserve Bank of Australia, an economic advisor to the Fraser government, a business journalist, and a director of Macquarie Bank.

In 1987, Hewson was elected to the House of Representatives. He was appointed to the shadow cabinet in 1988, serving under John Howard and Andrew Peacock. After Peacock lost the 1990 election, Hewson was elected leader of the Liberal Party in his place, thus becoming Leader of the Opposition. In 1991, he launched the Fightback! policy manifesto, which proposed a series of major economic reforms with a goods and services tax (GST) as its centerpiece.

Political platforms in the 1993 federal election focused mainly on economic policy, especially on how Australia should respond to the early 1990s recession. The Labor Party – led by Paul Keating – had been in power for 10 years at that point.

Many polls suggested a Coalition victory, however, Labor was able to mount a successful campaign, with the party’s net increase in seats allowing Keating to remain prime minister. Hewson continued on as Liberal leader for another year, losing a leadership spill to Alexander Downer in 1994. He left parliament the following year.

John Hewson Date Of Birth

John Hewson celebrated his 77th birthday in October this year (2023). He was born on October 28, 1998, in Carlton, New South Wales, Australia.

John Hewson Height & Weight

The former politician, John Hewson stands at a height of 1.77m and weighs around 76 kg.

John Hewson Parents

John Hewson was born to his parents in Australia. Although he’s famous, at this time of writing, there is no documented information (name, date of birth, age, and occupation) regarding his parents.

John Hewson Wife

John Hewson has been married three times. He first married Margaret Deaves then later Carolyn Somerville. As of 2023, Hewson is married to Jessica Wilson.

John Hewson Children

As of December 2023, John Hewson has five children.

John Hewson Siblings

John Hewson has never shared any information regarding his siblings making it unknown to us whether or not he’s the only child of his parents. There are no records about that.

John Hewson Net Worth

As of December 2023, John Hewson has an estimated net worth of about $5 million. He has accumulated such fortune from his career as a businessman and former politician.


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