How I Left Bolga for Tamale to Witness the Cook-A-Thon by Faila (Guinness Book of Records)

Faila Cook A Thon

How I left Bolga for Tamale to witness the Cook-A-Thon by Faila (Guinness Book of Records)

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On this episode of Explore with Dennis, I made a trip to Tamale from Bolga to witness the Cook-A-Thon contest by our very own Chef Abdul Razak Failatu, also known as Jah Bless Faila.

The event is held at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, Northern Ghana. However, Faila is competing to beat the longest cooking time in the world under the umbrella of the Guinness Book of Records.

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My journey started in the regional capital of the Upper East, Bolgatanga. Along our trip, I saw beautiful landscapes and farmlands.

Bolga to Tamale is a less than 2-hour, 30-minute journey. I slept in the bus and the driver drove past my destination, which is the Modern City Hotel junction, but I took the opportunity to capture part of the famous Tamale Overpass and monitor how busy that stretch is.

After getting to the Modern City entrance, I saw several military personnel and began wondering if this event was a Military-A-Thon rather than a Cook-A-Thon.

I was told Faila’s husband is a military officer, which reduced my curiosity about their presence. The military also motivated her with Jama tunes. The atmosphere there is something one may wish to experience.

The Dagomba culture was also displayed. A section of the traditional council in Tamale also paid their support.

Below is a video of my trip to Tamale to support Faila. I wish I could stay in Tamale for the duration of the Cook-A-Thon because the atmosphere is something one may wish to experience.

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