Ghanaian Food Locals Miss While Abroad

Indigenous Ghanaian foods

While indulging in exotic cuisine can be a thrilling adventure for the taste buds, let’s admit it, sometimes all we crave is our indigenous foods. For Ghanaians living abroad, there’s a special longing for those familiar flavors that evoke memories of home. It’s not always about the fanciest or most celebrated Ghanaian dishes; rather, it’s those humble, nostalgic meals that transport us back to cherished moments with loved ones.

Here are a few foods Ghanaians miss most while living abroad:

10. Brode Ampesi

Ghana Food

Brode Ampesi is just plantains and a sauce, but it’s a special Ghanaian food. People say they can do this abroad, but can they really? Getting the sauce to the point where it’s still edible is an art only Ghanaian street food sellers can create.

9. Eto

Ghanaian food

Eto is a great Ghanaian food. Some ethnic groups in Ghana use the name to tease each other. 

8. Banku

Souce: Prince Hamdan

Nothing is as tranquilizing as taking Banku with Okro soup. This Ghanaian food combination gives a sense of gratification that only a true Ghanaian c an relate to.

7. Fufu


You can’t make a list of Ghanaian foods without mentioning fufu. You can prepare Fufu if you have Fufu powder abroad but will it ever be like the local way of preparing Fufu and garnishing? Absolutely not!

6. Nabilchingi

Indigenous Ghanaian foods
Source: Prince Hamdan

Nabilchingi is an indigenous Ghanaian food. This food can evoke memories of the northern region of Ghana.

5. Dawadawa Jollof

Dawadaw jollof
Source: Chef Malik

Nothing is as soothing as the aroma of Dawadawa jollof. This Ghanaian food combination gives a kind of fulfillment that only a true Ghanaian can understand.

4. Maasa

Local dishes in Ghana

Maasa, also known as millet cake, is a popular Ghanaian food from Northern Ghana, usually sold in Zongo’s and villages. You definitely won’t find this cake abroad.

3. Tubani


Tubani is a famous Ghanaian food from Northern Ghana, usually sold on the street. You definitely won’t find this meal on the streets of New York City, California, Miami, London, etc.

2. Waakye


Waakye is a popular Ghanaian food made of beans and rice. It is usually embellished with fried plantains, cow skin, avocado, and many more. When Ghanaians abroad crave Waakye, they remember family gatherings or parties back home.

1. Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi
Source: Prince Hamdan

Tuo Zaafi has become a household name in Ghana. Even though there are different ways of garnishing Tuo Zaafi, its history is linked to the people of Northern Ghana. TZ has a unique taste and is now known globally as a Ghanaian food.

What most-loved Ghanaian food do you miss most while abroad? Let us know in the comment box below.

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