Funeral Held for Paramount Chief Kuoro Kuri-Biktie Limann IV in Gwollu

Paramount Chief of Gwollu

The people of the Gwollu Traditional Area in the Upper West region of Ghana gathered on June 29, 2024, to pay their final respects to the late Paramount Chief, Kuoro Kuri-Biktie Limann IV. 

The funeral, held in Gwollu in the Sissala West District, was marked by traditional cultural displays, including war dances performed by local warriors. These rites underscored the deep cultural heritage of the Gwollu Traditional Area and honored the legacy of the late chief.

Kuoro Kuri-Biktie Limann IV was also a distinguished nurse, lawyer, and member of the Council of State who passed away after a long and impactful life.

He was also the biological brother of the former President of Ghana, Dr. Hilla Limann and was honored in a ceremony attended by numerous dignitaries. 

Among the attendees were Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Upper West regional minister Stephen Yakubu, the Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority for the Upper East Region, Wisdom Ahadzi, and prominent politician Bernard Monah.

Dr. Bawumia
Vice President Dr. Bawumia

Kuoro Kuri-Biktie Limann IV is remembered for his sound guidance and advice during his tenure as a member of the Council of State.

Ghana Tourism Authority
Upper West and Upper East GTA direactors singing the Book Of Condolence

He is also remembered for his significant contributions to the community as a healthcare professional and legal advocate. His passing is a great loss to the Gwollu Traditional Area and the nation at large.

However, notable tourist attractions in the Gwollu community are the tomb of the late Dr. Hilla Limann and the Gwollu Slave Defense Wall.

Dr Hilla Limann vehicle
Dr Hilla Limann vehicle
Dr. Hilla Limann tomb
Dr. Hilla Limann tomb
Gwollu Slave Defense Wall
Gwollu Slave Defense Wall

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