Damo Suzuki Wife: Who Is Elke Morsbach?

Damo Suzuki wife

Elke Morsbach is the wife of Damo Suzuki, a former Japanese musician who died on February 9, 2024. He was best known as the former lead singer of the German krautrock group Can. As a teenager, Suzuki spent the late 1960s wandering around Europe, often busking.

When Malcolm Mooney left Can after recording their first album Monster Movie, Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit encountered Suzuki busking in Munich, Germany, whilst the two were sitting outside at a street café. They invited him to join the group, and he did, performing with them that evening.

Suzuki was with Can from 1970 to 1973, recording a number of well-regarded albums such as Tago Mago, Future Days and Ege Bamyası. Suzuki’s first vocal performance with Can was “Don’t Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone” from Soundtracks. His freeform, often improvised lyrics, were sung in no particular language.

Suzuki departed from the band in 1973, and took a hiatus from music for the following decade while working other jobs. He returned to music in 1983, and lead what is known as “Damo Suzuki’s Network” – as he tours, he performs live improvisational music with various local musicians, so-called “Sound Carriers”.

The Fall’s 1985 album This Nation’s Saving Grace features a song “I Am Damo Suzuki”, inspired by the singer. The rock band The Mooney Suzuki takes its name from Damo Suzuki and Can’s earlier vocalist Malcolm Mooney. From 1997 until his death he toured or played separate gigs.

Damo Suzuki wife

Elke Morsbach is the wife of Damo Suzuki. He met his wife Elke Morsbach in Cologne in 1985. Suzuki was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014. The documentary Energy explores Suzuki’s battle with cancer and relationship with Morsbach.

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