Cristina Pacheco Net Worth, Parents, Family, Age

Cristina Pacheco net worth

Born on September 13, 1941, Cristina Pacheco is a renowned journalist, writer and television personality from Mexico. She began her career in journalism in 1960 contributing on the La Jornada.

She is also well known for her work in television, hosting two shows called Aquí nos tocó vivir and Conversando con Cristina Pacheco, both on Once TV since 1980. Which these shows, Pacheco interviews notable people and profiles popular Mexican culture, which includes interviews with common people.

She has received over forty prizes and other recognitions for her work including Mexico’s National Journalism Prize and the first Rosario Castellanos a la Trayectoria Cultural de la Mujer Award for outstanding women in the Spanish-speaking world.

She was the younger of one of six children of a family poor enough to know what hunger was. However, her parents taught her not to beg from others nor to cry. The family left Guanajuato to live in San Luis Potosí but only for briefly, because there, Pacheco hurt herself gravely and the family moved to Mexico City for her medical treatment.

Her mother decided that the family should stay in the city as she had family there. Her family all lived in one room with no privacy. Although she did not have money or toys, she did have freedom, as it was easy for her to escape as her mother was always busy. She would stay by the doors of houses and eavesdrop on neighbors.

She says she saw and heard many things as no one took notice of her. For this reason, she calls herself an “insignificant child, not because she thought she was insignificant but because others saw her as such. What she saw was the good and bad in life. This inspired in her the desire to be a writer and journalist, from which she never wavered.

She attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico receiving a bachelor’s in Spanish. Until he died in 2014, she was married to writer, poet, and translator José Emilio Pacheco, from whom she took her professional name and with whom she has two daughters.

She does not like to talk about the details of her relationship with her husband, stating only that it is an ordinary marriage although she admires her husband’s work greatly. Despite her successful career in radio and television, she has not encouraged her daughters to follow this path because she does not believe these media inform the public as they should. She does not like being famous.

She does much of her housework because she says it “keeps her feet on the ground” and she cannot work unless there is a certain amount of order. She has been invited to run for political office but has declined.

Cristina Pacheco net worth

Cristina Pacheco net worth net worth is estimated at around $3 million. Her salary per month and other career earnings are over $101,000 annually.

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