Cook-A-Thon to Khebab-A-Thon, James Kumbeni To Cycle From Bolga To Accra

James Kumbeni

Riding a bicycle for over 6 hours is not an easy task, but James Kumbeni, a Bolga-based cyclist, gained attention for his rooted support for Chef Faila to break the longest cooking marathon under the Guinness World Records.

Chef Faila, whose birth name is Abdul-Razak Failatu, a Ghanaian chef, then attempted to break the longest cooking contest. She ended her amazing accomplishment with an astounding 227 hours, or almost 9 days and 11 hours of non-stop cooking.

However, James Kumbeni rode from Bolga through Pwalugu, Walewale, Savelugu, and Pong-Tamale and finally ended at the venue, the Modern City Hotel in Tamale. He was massively received, and Chef Faila also appreciated his support and enthusiasm for cycling to Tamale from Bolgatanga, the Upper East regional capital.

James Kumbeni is back again for your prayers and support, as he highly anticipated a ride from Bolga to Accra to inspire, amplify, and motivate another Guinness World Records marathon contestant. He is planning to cycle 815 km, or four days, to Accra, Ghana’s capital.

When he spoke to Dennis of VisitBolga, Mr. Kumbeni explained that his deep affection for cycling and the benefits it offers have led him to run a cycling club called “Keekee Cycling Connect.” He started as a solo cyclist but has been able to inspire others to join him.

According to him, his endurance has continued to grow, and after that, Atinga Nsobila Joel announced his intention to challenge Guinness World Records’ longest barbecue marathon.

Atinga Nsobila Joel is a graduate and a Khebab business operator. He attended the University of Development Studies (UDS) and runs his business in Accra. Many were expecting him to schedule the “Khebab-A-Thon” in his native region, the Upper East, but due to his business registration location being Accra, Guinness World Records requirements affected that call.

The Khebab-A-Thon is scheduled for April 11–14, 2024, at the Legon City Mall, Accra, Ghana.

To embark on a journey to support Atinga Nsobila Joel, James Kumbeni is seeking support to help him conquer this campaign. He said, “For challenges, riding to Accra involves a lot: the managing team, the medical team, food, accommodation, security, and also equipment.”.

James Kumbeni opened the door for individuals and corporate bodies who wish to support him in any way to reach out to him.

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