Atogfai Tourist Club Conquers Tongo Hills: A Safe and Thrilling Expedition

Atogfai Tourist Club Conquers Tongo Hills: A Safe and Thrilling Expedition.


In a remarkable and incident-free adventure, the Atogfai Tourist Club recently embarked on a challenging hike through Tongo Hills, covering an impressive 5.4 kilometers. The hike was not only a testament to their spirit of adventure but also a display of responsible tourism.

Tourists were led by experienced guides who ensured the expedition ran smoothly and without incident. Adding an extra layer of safety, a dedicated tourist guard was present throughout the journey, offering valuable support to all participants.

What made this hike even more special was the participation of the Aquablog staff, who joined in the adventure. To ensure the well-being of the hikers, a qualified health professional was on hand, equipped to provide first aid if necessary. Sarah Teni, a journalist with Dream Fm, also made a heartwarming contribution by donating food to keep the hikers energized.

Ray Ayine’s thoughtful gesture of providing refreshments along the way undoubtedly played a pivotal role in maintaining the hikers’ stamina. The event saw a mix of foreigners and locals, fostering a sense of community and shared adventure.

Tongo Hills

The expedition commenced with a meet-up at St Theresa Catholic Church, where participants gathered and shared their enthusiasm for the journey ahead. While the hike posed challenges and moments of exhaustion for the hikers, their determination and teamwork prevailed, leading them to a triumphant conclusion at the endpoint.

The successful Tongo Hills hike organized by the Atogfai Tourist Club showcased the beauty of the natural world and the strength of the human spirit, all while emphasizing the importance of safety and support in outdoor adventures.

Tongo Hills hiking 2023
Tongo Hills hiking 2023

Stay tuned as we will updates videos and photos of the just ended hiking.

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